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“A number of vegan restaurants recently opened in Honolulu, and the best of the bunch is ‘Ai Love Nalo, which specializes in Hawaiian and Hawaii-inspired dishes prepared through a vegan lens. Those who make the drive out to Waimanalo are rewarded with vegan laulau (traditionally, pork in taro leaf) and a coconut-rich, creamy lu’au stew prepared with Okinawan sweet potatoes. Don’t miss the poi parfait for dessert!”

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The Food

Our plant-based menu provides healthy, delicious options that often surprises and delights our customers.  All of our sauces, gravies, dressings and food is carefully prepared from scratch so that we ensure it meets our nutritional standards without compromising  taste.

Some of our favorites include the Hawaiian and local dishes, such as the laulau and lūʻau.  However, our #1 seller is the Medi Bowl.  A dish you MUST try!

Healthy Vegan Food

100% of our menu is plant-based and 99% gluten-free. We strive to create tasty meals and drinks that accommodate nearly any dietary restrictions, while pleasing all palettes.

Locally Sourced

Our priority is to purchase local, organic fruits and vegetables whenever we can reasonably do so. If local organic isn’t readily accessible, we will next purchase imported organics.

Accessible & Affordable

We do everything possible to keep prices as low as we can considering the high quality ingredients and labor intensiveness of preparing everything from scratch. Welcome to the slow food & slow money movement!
  • Plates & Sides
  • Salad & Sandwiches
  • Brunch for Lunch
  • Desserts
  • Smoothies
  • Beverages

The Place


‘Ai Love Nalo is a quaint hidden gem, nestled in the beautiful, rural farm community of Waimānalo.  We partnered with many farmers throughout the Koʻolaupoko (from Hawaiʻi Kai to Kahaluʻu) including our friends at Otsuji Farms, Yogarden, Green Rows, Palaka Moon Farm, Kawauchi Farm, ʻAi Love Gardens, Small Kine Farms, and Wongs Luau Leaf Farm.  We appreciate them, and all of our local organic farmers, as their contributions certainly help us to feed our community healthy, nutritious, delicious food.

The Garden of Eatin’

The “Garden of Eatin” was designed to simulate a perennial polyculture food forest.  Our goal is to ensure that it is rich in biodiversity and productivity.  The garden also serves as a habitat for beneficial insects, pollinators, and birds; creates shade and a beautiful setting that nourishes our sense of well being; and provides an array of herbs, fruit and vegetables that we often use in our dishes.  We hope this garden inspires our customers and visitors to start their own food forest gardens at home.

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