Just One More Serving of Fruits & Vegetables Can Save Lives!

Eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis is extremely important because it can actually save money and lives!

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, if Americans ate just ONE


more serving of fruits and vegetables per day, more than 30,000 lives, and $5 billion in medical costs could be saved each year.  Additionally, if Americans followed our USDA recommendations for daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, those numbers would increase to 127,000 lives and $17 billion saved.

Those numbers are staggering and provide a clear indication why eating just a little more plant-based foods is essential.  Itʻs simple….just make your favorite fruits and vegetables readily available so that you can easily “beef up” (pun intended – Hah!) 🙂  your daily meals and snacks with healthy choices…or come join us at ʻAi Love to get that one more serving of fruits and vegetables –  our tasty and nutritious meals will not only make you healthier but, it will make you feel good too!