Here at ʻAi Love we do our very best to compost our customers’ food waste (of course, that’s only if and when someone does not finish their plate – most do!)

Besides giving some of this food waste to our worms and black soldier fly larvae, we also share it with our friends at Green Rows Farm.  On a regular basis, they pick up our compost bins and take it back to their farm to create rich nutrient soil.


There are so many benefits to creating a compost bin (yup, even at your home!)  Did you know on average, Hawaiʻi residents produce 10 pounds of trash each day (compared to 4.5 pounds of trash for mainland residents)? Tourism and Hawaiʻi’s heavy reliance on the importation of food and goods contribute to this problem. According to the City & County of Honoluluʻs 2006 Waste Characterization Report, approximately 17-22% of Oʻahu’s trash is comprised of compostable green waste and organic materials. By using compost bins, the amount of compostable waste going to the landfills can be reduced.

Moreover, soil treated with nutrient rich organic compost tends to produce plants with fewer pest problems. It also helps to control diseases, fungal and insect challenges. Without having to contend with these issues, plants are able to flourish. Compost, also referred to as a soil conditioner, improves the structure and texture of the soil enabling it to retain nutrients, moisture, and air which is important when optimizing plant growth.

Also, sustainable compost practices can reduce your need for plastic garbage bags and multiple trips to the dump/landfills.

So, when you come to visit us at ʻAi Love, just remember…if you can’t eat all of your fruits and vegetables…no problem…we have a few friends that can help you out!  It’s true, one person’s trash is definitely another person’s treasure – especially when you compost it!