Great News: Our Water Conservation Efforts Are Paying Off!

fullsizerender2Every individual (and restaurant) has a water footprint.  A water footprint is the total amount of freshwater that is used to make the products that a person buys and/or consumes. Many people don’t realize just how much water it takes to produce their favorite products. For example, did you know that it takes about 42 gallons of water to make one banana?  So, if you throw away your half eaten-banana you are not only wasting the banana itself but the many gallons of water it took to produce it.



Our wonderful employee, Caleb, working on a mini swirl in one of our Eco-Centric compostable cups!

In our effort to help conserve our water here in Hawai’i we have made a few changes at ʻAi Love, AND our water conservation efforts are literally paying off!  In 2016, our average water consumption was over 20K gallons of water per month.  Since switching over to compostable plates and utensils, and installing various water conservation items such as low-flow faucet aerators, automatic switch-off power sprayers, and dual-flush toilets, we reduced our fresh water consumption to 12K gallons per month.  That’s over 40% in water savings.  This also has had an impact on our waste management efforts as well.


We hope you will join us in helping to Sustain Hawai’i by conserving water, buying local and living simply! When you visit us at ʻAi Love you can be sure that we are doing everything we can to mālama the ʻāina (land), wai (water) and our kaiāulu (community).