‘Ai Love Nalo
Proudly Introduces

our very own, in-house, microbrewed kombucha! Come try the next healthy and refreshing taste sensation… unlike any other kombucha you’ve had. Healthier… happier… one taste at a time!


This cocktail of good bacteria interacts in unique ways to produce amazing health benefits by helping revitalize your microbiome. Here are some additional benefit of this age-old beverage: Removes Toxins, Improves Digestion, Improves Energy Levels, Improves Health, Cancer Prevention, Reduces joint pain and helps lose extra weight.

Locally Sourced

We partnered with many farmers throughout the Koʻolaupoko (from Hawaiʻi Kai to Kahaluʻu) to produce the best quality product in the market.


We use as many locally-sourced products to reduce the CO2 footprint, as well as zero toxic chemicals to clean our microbrewing equipment. We’re relentless in our goal toward optimizing ecological and personal health.


Our Kombucha is only organic, non-gmo and/or zero toxic chemical farm products. By using organic or better you help create more nutritious products as well as a habitat for beneficial insects, pollinators, and birds; creates shade and a beautiful setting that nourishes our sense of well-being.

Loaded with

Hawaiian Cultures

Fresh organic tea, organic cane sugar, SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), crystal clear, volcanic-filtered, Waimanalo spring water and some local time fermented to effervescent, refreshing, probiotic perfection!

Finally a Kombucha

for the Pickiest Palettes

We’ve sampled far too many mouth-puckering, eye-watering and occasionally gag-inducing varieties of this fermented elixir. Of course, we’re biased, but we’ll bet our farm that you’ll find our kombucha one of, if not the, tastiest of the growing crowd, with all or more of the personal and ecological health considerations as well!