Healthy, Hearty,

We’re a plant-based restaurant that provides delicious and nutritious foods filled with ALOHA to help as many people as possible feel healthier and happier one taste at a time.


The Food

Our plant-based menu provides healthy, delicious options that often surprises and delights our customers. All of our sauces, gravies, dressings and food is carefully prepared from scratch so that we ensure it meets our nutritional standards without compromising taste.

Healthy Vegan Food

100% of our menu is plant-based and 99% gluten-free. We strive to create tasty meals and drinks that accommodate nearly any dietary restrictions, while pleasing all palettes.

Accessible & Affordable

We do everything possible to keep prices as low as we can considering the high quality ingredients and labor intensiveness of preparing everything from scratch. Welcome to the slow food & slow money movement!

Locally Sourced

Our priority is to purchase local, organic fruits and vegetables whenever we can reasonably do so. If local organic isn’t readily accessible, we will next purchase imported organics.